Transfer Pricing Workshop

Participants' comments ' Lively, friendly presenter! Able to make the class interesting with real life scenarios'.

Busting Services Transactions Myths

In this workshop, participants will gain practical tips to manage a company’s transfer pricing policy and processes with regard to intra-group services transactions. 

Know what it takes to get Transfer Pricing right for services transactions

Programme Outline

  • Learn the essential considerations associated with intra-group services transactions
  • Distinguish which practices can be used in different situations
  • Understand what it takes to ensure that intra-group services are appropriately priced
  • Know how to apply the benefits test, cost analysis and benchmarking

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A special discount applies to members of SIATP, ISCA, SICC, SMF and TPS Clients.

For further enquiries about the event, contact Darrick at 6597 5719 / Nabila at 6597 5714 or email to 

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